The Explulsive Power of a New Affection

Last year, during a period of joblessness, I embarked on a new side-career as a voice-over artist. I’ve experienced some success recording small voice jobs for various clients, as well as producing audio books. And now, as I have gained some skill in this venture, I have decided to use it to pursue my love of classic theology. My first project in this endeavor is a narration of “The Expulsive Power of a New Affection,” a sermon by Scottish preacher and pastor, Thomas Chalmers. It is 45 minutes of pure gospel, centered on the subject of how our newfound affections for Christ have the power to expel from us the unholy desires against which we wage spiritual war. I found it edifying and fulfilling as an audio project, as well as a personal devotion toward spiritual growth.

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Four reasons I’m encouraged about LifeWay

In my first post in this brief series, I shared five reasons why I’m thankful for LifeWay. As the company charts its course for the next years – hopefully decades – of existence, I believe it has much to look forward to and expect as it draws from considerable strength in a few key areas.

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My take: Breaking Bad vs. The Walking Dead

Two things I have done (among many, many others) during six months of joblessness: watched all six seasons of Breaking Bad, and the three seasons of The Walking Dead currently available on Netflix. Say what you will about the value of these achievements. I’m a big boy. But I want to offer my two cents as someone who deeply appreciates well-crafted dramatic entertainment of most any kind, and also someone who studied screenwriting in college and has done a fair bit of amateur acting. I genuinely care about how other Christians choose to spend their free time. And I don’t think entertainment is a waste if it has some lasting value.

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‘Celebration of Discipline’: An exhaustive review and analysis

If you have read Celebration of Discipline, or plan to, and you desire to know how to process Richard Foster’s ideas through a biblical lens, whether or not the disciplines he espouses truly are spiritual in the most Christian sense, I hope you will join me on this journey.

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