My take: Breaking Bad vs. The Walking Dead

Two things I have done (among many, many others) during six months of joblessness: watched all six seasons of Breaking Bad, and the three seasons of The Walking Dead currently available on Netflix. Say what you will about the value of these achievements. I’m a big boy. But I want to offer my two cents as someone who deeply appreciates well-crafted dramatic entertainment of most any kind, and also someone who studied screenwriting in college and has done a fair bit of amateur acting. I genuinely care about how other Christians choose to spend their free time. And I don’t think entertainment is a waste if it has some lasting value.

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How The Fencepost came to be

My first course at Temple Baptist Seminary was on spiritual disciplines. The first of our two textbooks for that course was Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth by Richard J. Foster. Before this course began I was utterly ignorant of the concept of spiritual formation in Evangelicalism, and beyond. I was about to receive a rapid and unexpected education in it.

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